We offer comprehensive obstetric services, including care for complicated “High-risk” obstetrics. We value each of our patients as individuals and seek to meet your unique goals in pregnancy, labor and delivery. Our intimate office has dedicated staff and your dedicated physician will see you for all your designated appointments.You are more than a chart. We pride our office in a philosophy of no unnecessary treatment; you are an active participant in the decisions surrounding your healthy baby.


An annual exam is an integral part of preventive healthcare. We believe that health maintenance and preventive care is an important part of your overall health; from contraception to hormone changes to cancer detection and prevention. We appreciate you entrusting your healthcare to us! Our goal is to reduce the anxiety often associated with annual exams.  We train each of our employees to serve you with compassion, the utmost rigor in the standards of care, the latest technology, and the gentlest protocols.



Partnering with the right physician can help alleviate the burden associated with infertility. We are ruthless in finding the cause of one of the many factors that may be delaying your pregnancy. Insurance should not contribute to this challenge- we work tirelessly to consult with them after pinpointing an individualized diagnostic plan. Our expert focus on accurately outlining the causes of your infertility helps you get pregnant while avoiding unnecessary or expensive treatments. 


Change isn't always comfortable but it can be mastered. Our reputation for managing this natural phase of women's health is something our providers are well-known for here in South Florida. We offer preventative health, hormone expertise (including bio-identical options), careful screenings, ultrasounds, vaccinations, diagnoses, and aesthetic services for this population. We also provide you with expertise in bone health, breast care, incontinence, libido changes, weight and nutrition management, and depression management.